Alisher Yusupov, Director of IT Company in Uzbekistan

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Alisher Yusupov

Director of IT Company in Uzbekistan since 2000, Founder of the first Startup Accelerator in Uzbekistan, Founder of StartupMix monthly professional conference since 2013 and Green Business Platform since 2016.

Mr Yusupov is the founder of Ginza Innovative IT course and a mentor and tracker in many accelerators. Mr.Yusupov is an early adapter of Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies, organiser of IT conferences and seminars. Ambassador of Artificial Intelligence Curiosity Machine challenge in Uzbekistan.

Mr. Yusupov graduated from Tashkent Transport University. He is an alumnus of Professional Management Programme at Uzbek- Japanese centre in Tashkent, and Startup programmes in Israel (in 2016), and USA (in 2015).